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©2017 SSM Health. All rights reserved. MG-STL-16-233519 10/17 Learn more at ssmhealth.com/medicalgroup A new family medicine practice for patients of all ages Schedule appointments and get test results with MyChart. Available 24/7 online or as an app. Stay connected with MyChart ® At The Boulevard Specializing in: whole family preventative medicine, geriatrics, women’s health, osteopathic medicine and pediatrics. Meet the doctors: • Anna Fernandez , MD • Nneka Ichoku , DO • Julie Sahrmann , DO Most insurance plans accepted. Some same-day appointments are usually available. SSM Health Medical Group 19 The Boulevard Richmond Heights, MO 63117 To schedule your appointment, please call 314-354-8810 . MG_STL_16_233519__NowOpen_5x7.7_AD.indd 1 10/19/17 10:36 AM