VOLUME 39, NUMBER 1 Founded by the residents of Lafayette Square February 2018 Inside the Marquis LSRC President’s message...................2 LSBA Co-Presidents’ message...........2 7th Ward update.........................................3 Development Commitee report........ 4 Volunteer Spotlight...................................5 Presidents’ Day............................................6 Moms/Dads in the Square....................8 John Albury Bryan.....................................9 Uncle Duke...................................................10 LSRC Spring Members list................... 11 Holiday Parlor Tour enjoys success and fine weather Although the morning of Dec. 10 dawned frosty, the weathercaster did Lafayette Square proud. The day warmed steadily, the crowds came and the homes were spectacular. With a wonderful poster drawn by longtime Square resident Sharon Stockman to draw attention, and a lot of press coverage, plus 11 beautiful homes to act as lures, we were blessed with success in our goal of promoting our lovely Victo- rian neighborhood. The homes are the big draw, of course, but this year for the first time we also had a Christmas Market on the Plaza, which was a huge success. The Christmas tree on the Plaza added charm. A huge Christmas tree at The Bandstand was decorated by families from Kingdom House, and the tree at the Park House was covered with lovely decorations made by the students at B y L ynne N abors Lafayette Preparatory Academy. Thanks to all concerned for this group effort. Santa made multiple appearances and was much appreciated by the little ones at the event in the neighborhood. The lines to view the houses were long, but the crowd was generally cheerful — luckily the weather made standing in line less onerous than is sometimes the case. The LSRC was thrilled with the results, over $57,000 net profit. More than 2,350 tickets were sold in advance, and 800 tickets were sold on the day of the tour. The Holiday Tour is the neighborhood’s second-largest income generator, funding maintenance, beautification, capital improvements, safety efforts and much more. Last but definitely not least, the tour committee would like to thank the homeowners who so generously allowed the use of their homes and decorated them so beautifully. Sharon Stockmann, the artist who designed the parlor tour poster, displays her work during the tour. Who do you share your life with? Molly and I share our life with our two adult kids, Jonathan and Jordan. Howlonghave you lived inLafayetteSquare? We actually live in Kirkwood, but I have been spending more awake hours in Lafayette Square since 1980 with my first restaurant Ronaynes, which I ran till about 1990. What is your background? My background has always been the restaurant business ever since my first high school job with Pope’s Cafeteria. I spent a short time in college taking business, management and financial classes. My goal was never to go for a degree, but learn the skills I needed to own my own business. BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: S quare O ne B rewery & D istillery S teve & M olly M c K enna N eukomm , P roprietors Restaurateurs restarted business at ‘Square One’ after other adventures How did you get into business? I got into the business starting at Pope’s as a dishwasher, working into a management programwith themwhile tending bar at Green- briar Country Club. I worked at the Eleven Mile House before openingmy own restaurant Ronaynes right here at 18th and Park. How did you decide on the name of your business? How we decided to name Square One Brewery and Distillery was simple. After I sold Ronaynes, I held on to the property, and coming back to this location where I opened my first restaurant was simply coming back to Square One and starting over. How many employees do you have? We have 50 people that work with us. When was your business founded? We opened in 2006. What makes your business unique? What makes us different as a restaurant is that we make everything from scratch with a bit of a twist, familiar but just a little different. And when we opened as a Brewery we were one of just a few breweries in St. Louis. We are Missouri’s first Distillery. We do like to make what we offer. What product/service do you offer? We make many products from all of our own beer and many spirits. And we offer an ever-changing menu for our restaurant. Can you describe your customers? At the heart of it, we are a neighborhood restaurant. We are very fortunate that most of our customers live right here in the Square. What is it that you want residents to know about your business? I would like your readers to know that if you have read this far and you have not been to Square One ever or for a while, please come check us out. What do you enjoy most about owning your own business? What makes you excited to “go to work” each day? What helps you push through the long days? What drives me are two things: our customers are like friends and our employees are like family. So what could be better than coming home to family and seeing your friends. For someone considering starting their own business, what advice would you give them? There are many people who want to get into the restaurant business or brewery or distillery business. I always say if you like long hours and low pay, this is the business for you. But seriously, you have to have passion and knowledge of the business, so if you are going to do it, know what you are getting into. If you had to do it all over again, what change would you make, if any? I never really thought of how I would had changed my life. I’ve also said I’d rather be lucky than good, and I have been very lucky, thank you all. Lastly, what do you do in your free time? What we love to do when we are away from work is eating out and discovering great food and beverage concepts. Also, I’m a projects guy; I love working in my back- yard creating outdoor living spaces so we can spend more time outdoors. Which at the end of the day, that’s what made me fall in love our space — the outdoor patio. See Page 11 for more Tour photos Molly McKenna-Neukomm and Steve Neukomm Carol Fisher photo