Cherokee Street 2016-17 Community Directory - page 6

Cherokee Street is a vibrant corridor for
commerce and creativity in South St. Louis-
bringing together art, social enterprise and
entrepreneurship all within a historical com-
mercial district, surrounded by four distinct
The historic architecture you’ll find on
Cherokee Street is a colorful representation
of the district’s storied past. During the last
decade of the 19th Century, the rattle of
rails and the clang of bells from the Streetcar
line transformed a once sleepy neighbor-
hood composed of cemeteries, breweries,
and swimming holes to one of the largest
commercial districts in South St. Louis, filled
with grocery stores, bakeries, saloons, movie
houses, saddle shops, pharmacies, banks,
jewelers and a plethora of other commercial
enterprises. During the 20th century Cher-
okee became one of the largest commercial
districts in South St. Louis.
Cherokee Street is home to an independent
arts community, where a collective spirit
prevails – of inclusiveness, collaboration,
diversity and enthusiasm – fueled by a by-
the-bootstraps DIY ethos.
Little Mexico” (Cherokee at California Ave-
nue), attracts a broad range of visitors from
the St. Louis Region, for retail, services, and
activities authentic to Latino culture. “Little
Mexico” was established in the early 70s and
is now home to more than 20 Latino owned
and operated bakeries, restaurants, shops
and grocers.
Walk along the city’s famous Cherokee
antique row, a unique shopping and historical
district where dozens of merchants sell items
from the areas’ historic past in treasure-filled
The types of establishments you’ll find on
Cherokee Street are as diverse as
the architecture. From Clothing, furniture,
grocers, galleries, to restaurants, bars,
art studios and live entertainment,
Cherokee Street has it all!
Welcome to
Cherokee Street!
Photo: Jarred Gastreich
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