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Saturday, September 17th &
Sunday, 18th
Fiestas Patrias on Cherokee Street marks
the celebration of Mexico’s Indepen-
dence. These dates are known as Fiestas
Patrias, and the Grito of “Viva Mexico!“
is heard everywhere where Mexicans
live. This festival brings the Mexican
and Mexican-American communities
together as they celebrate the rich
heritage, history, and culture of their
Mexican ancestors who fought for their
independence from the Spanish govern-
ment during the early 1800’s.
Nevermore Jazz Festival
and Cherokee Street
Jazz Crawl
Friday, November 4th, and Saturday
November 5th
The Cherokee Street Jazz Crawl is a
free, open-to-the-public aspect of the
Nevermore Jazz Ball that features St.
Louis’ best jazz and swing musicians in
Cherokee Street’s singular venues. You
will find that the Jazz Crawl is an oppor-
tunity to do more dancing, simply sit and
listen, enjoy a good meal, or a fine drink,
and soak in the wonderful atmosphere
that Cherokee Street offers! For more
information visit
Print Bazaar on Cherokee
Saturday, December 3rd
Now in its 10th year, Print Bazaar on
Cherokee is one of the largest print sales
in the Midwest, showcasing local and
regional artists whose work includes
printmaking, letterpress, screen printing,
and printed fabrics, as well as the ev-
er-evolving creative energy that defines
Cherokee Street. For more information
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Photo: Jason Deem
Photo: RJ Hartbeck
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